My name is Ana Maturana, I’m from Spain.

I started drawing when I was a kid and since then I knew I was going to be involved in the art industry. I studied Fine Arts in Spain at Seville’s University and when I was 22 I moved to Barcelona where I was freelance, painting and doing some exhibitions. There I started to learn tattooing and get more interested within the tattoo world. In 2016 I decided to move to Melbourne where I’ve been since then, focussing into tattooing and arranging few guest spots all around Australia.

I’ve been tattooing for over 6 years and I specialised in fineline and dotwork.

Hi My name is Erwin Fuentealba.

I’m a 33 years old Chilean born and raised in Chile. I started tattooing about 9 years ago pursuing my dream job. 

I do customized tattoos in wide variety of styles from black and grey to abstract color realism, watercolor, dot work and line work. Always looking to add a unique twist and originality making my clients proud to wear their new ink and helping them to express themselves trough their skin.

I also do cover up, restoring and bringing back to life your loved or hated tattoos. Excited to be part of More Than Tattoo and looking forward to start working on your next tattoo.

Hi, my name is Vic and I have been tattooing for about 8 years.

My favourite styles to work with are neo traditional, realism, geometrics and dotwork.

Outside of tattooing, my interests include horticulture, food, taxidermy, horror movies and true crime. I also have a 15 years old daughter named Eve and a mildly inappropriate sense of humour.

Hi there! I’m Dia from China.

I do color tattoos and mostly new school style. But I would always like to try something different!

If you are interested in my work or Asian tradition, find me here in More Than Tattoo.

My name is David, alias Mr Meyr. I’m born and grew up in Switzerland.

I decided to move to Australia approximately 5 years ago. I started tattooing at home before to get the opportunity to start an apprenticeship at More Than Tattoo to become a tattooist and learn from Ana.

Doing mostly fine lines at the moment, I really like neo traditional stuff. Let’s see what style I will pick in the future.

My name is Alyssa and I’ve spent my whole life here in Melbourne. 

I have always been interested in the arts, particularly art history, and am currently studying a Masters and Bachelors at Deakin University, majoring in Visual Arts and Literature. Before the pandemic I was offered a place at the beautiful University of Florence and planned to study the fine arts in Florence and Tuscany in 2020. I know I’ll get there one day! Instead, I’ve managed to pursue a career in tattooing, and I’m loving every minute of it. I worked at another studio for almost a year before getting the opportunity to start as an apprentice at More Than Tattoo. I’m so grateful and excited for this next step. 

The style I’m pursuing is fine line anime panels and comic strips, but I also love making pretty floral and leafy flash pieces. As I continue to grow, I’m definitely keen to learn other styles such as neo traditional.

My name is Sharmaine, known as Garden_of_Eve on social media.

During the pandemic I was able to focus on my creative abilities and this helped me to reflect on my dreams and ambitions to become a tattoo artist.

My style is still evolving but I’m mostly leaning towards Fine line work with stipple shading. 

I’m excited to be able to fulfil this dream at More Than Tattoo and I’m ready to learn more styles in the future.

Hi! My name is Carolina, I moved to Melbourne from Colombia 4 years ago.

I’ve worked as a graphic and industrial designer for over 9 years in the retails industry but my passion for art has been with me for many more years, I developed my illustrative skills trough watercolor doing portraits.

Blackwork and Fine line are what I want to focus at learning with the help of this beautiful team getting the opportunity to start at More Than Tattoo.

I’m so happy and thankful for this next step, if you want to know more about what I do follow me on Instagram 

Hi Everybody! My name is Andrea,  Italo-Australian Artist moved to Melbourne almost 10 years ago.

I studied and work as graphic designer in Italy and decided to move into the tattoo world in 2021.

 After a lot of practicing and discovering new techniques my focus is on Black Work, Fineline & Geometrical tattoos.

I’m honoured to have the chance to grow at More Than Tattoo, with some of the best artists Melbourne can offer.  If you want to know more about my work follow me on socials