More Than Tattoo emerges from the idea of creating a space beyond a regular tattoo shop: a place where the whole process is meticulously crafted and cared for, from the initial idea to the day the tattoo is fully healed – looking the way it should, as a part of your body and soul.

Eco-Friendly Tattoo Shop in Melbourne



Tattoo Artist

Fineline and dotwork


Tattoo Artist

Geometry and fineline


Tattoo Artist


Tattoo Artist

Fineline, illustrative and micro realism.


Tattoo Artist

Color tattoos, ink painting and asian style




Tattoo Artist

Color tattoos and new school style


Tattoo Artist

Fineline and old school


Tattoo Artist

Fineline and microrealism

Google Reviews

Absolutely the best place to get a tattoo done!
I was serviced by Ana and her team and after years trying to put the thoughts of what I wanted on paper, she made it happen just like on my dreams!
I find out about her through my sister and travelled from Canberra to Melbourne just to get this done with her! Her art is very unique and she has so much attention to detail. It takes a true artist to translate your dreams on ink so THANK YOU Ana! Look forward to the next visit for sure.


Virginia & Alirio Quintana

Could not recommend a tattoo parlor highly enough. Such a nice experience from end to end, with complimentary tea on arrival, comfortable and relaxing space and music whilst you are being tattooed. Professional and friendly staff who truly care about YOU. Whether it’s your first tattoo or your 100th tattoo, you should definitely come here! 5/5! Thank you Ana!



One of my best tattoo experiences. Ana was lovely and I enjoyed being able to collaborate on the tattoo piece she did. Definitely the most comfortable I’ve felt getting a tattoo – and I have 7.


Mara Wearmouth

What a wonderful job the team at More Than Tattoo Melbourne in Footscray are doing! The atmosphere was so friendly and tattooist David did an incredible job recreating a very special member of my family. I love the design and would recommend to anyone interested in their next, or even first, tattoo! Can’t thank you enough ❤️


Jo Bowman

More Than Tattoo definitely exceeds their name. This was such an amazing experience for my first time getting a tattoo. They did more than tattooing. The staff was so welcoming and hospitable. They were professional and so lovely. You can feel the open and warm energy of the whole place. I would highly recommend More Than Tattoo if you want an overall splendid experience. Thank you again Ana! You are such beautiful artist to trust my skin with.



Definitely the best place to get a tattoo done!
Ana just drawn my Tatoo and the result was even more than I expected!
Her art is very splendid and she has so much attention to detail. The afternoon went so fast, I would recommend this place more than 100 times!! Look forward to the next visit for sure ! Thank you Ana 🌻


Drules Hélissène

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